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I've been in a bit of an anti-social funk since last fall thanks to work and not planning to relax after massive amounts of overtime. Stress seems to make me withdraw from the world.

The good news is that I got a promotion and a nice raise when I wasn't expecting it.

Sadly, I haven't been up to as much as I'd like.

Around Christmas, my power went out for half a day, part of my iPhone's touchscreen became a regular screen, I made a delicious gingerbread cake, I tried to give my mom a Christmas present that was a bit of a joke only to have it backfire when she liked it, got a nice new Android phone, and found out that my cat may have heartworms.

Then work bounced me around between a few different things because we had some staff changes to work through only to settle on having me do some work on rewriting a part of the client's database application that their users dislike, and that I wasn't very familiar with.

During this time, I also found out that my cat is a fuzzy little sneak. He was low on food, so I bought a new bag and set it on the floor until the previous one was empty. The next day, I put some food in his bowl and found that he had no appetite. Thinking something was off, I watched him carefully the next time I fed him, just in case it was a fluke. When he still didn't eat, I was ready to take him to the vet the next morning. After getting the carrier out and preparing to put the cat inside, I discovered why he wasn't eating. Turns out, he found or made a hole in the new bag of food, and was happily chowing down whenever he wanted.

I also had a fun prank apparently backfire. My uncle John hates food that's dyed green or blue, so I went online and ordered him some custom blue and green M&Ms that read, "Happy Birthday," for his birthday. If I did thing right, I was expecting him to blame my mother and retaliate in a funny way. Unfortunately, I never heard of any reaction, but they were definitely delivered, which means my plan failed or he's waiting to do something to me on my birthday.

Next, I had to deal with my apartment getting a bit waterlogged when a sump pump failed and flooded every apartment on my building's first floor. I think the problem was related to the aforementioned power outage since my drains were a little bit slow from then until after the pump got fixed.

My time at the gym seems to be paying off, even if I am getting to a point where I need a spotter for a lot of things. I maxed out the leg press, finally started doing weighted pullups, got some nifty fingered shoes, and my lower back pain seems to be gone.

Now, I'm looking forward to Anthrocon and reconnecting with people so I can learn to be more social again.


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