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I finally have a new computer to replace the rapidly aging machine I'd been using for the last couple of years. Naturally, it's not quite up and running yet- NVIDIA's drivers are giving me trouble. The machine also needs a name.

I also got a nice ego boost at the gym last night when a trainer asked if I had considered competing. I didn't think I had what it takes to do well at bodybuiding, but he has me seriously thinking about trying. The tricky part would be doing reasonably well.

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When I was putting gas in my car for the month, a couple guys in an old, beat up van asked me if I wanted a free home stereo.

Finding the offer suspicious, I politely turned them down, which made them give me a sales pitch. Eagerly waiting for the pimp to stop, I nicely replied to their questioning. I didn't want one, and I don't have the room.

Then, as if they weren't suspicious enough, they asked if I had a nice TV. Assuming they were up to something, I lied and said I didn't have one yet. Thankfully, the gas pump stopped at that point, so I had a convenient excuse to leave end the barrage of reasons I should take their extra stereo.

I'm not sure why they approached me, but I'm hoping it's because my efforts at the gym have been paying off. Probably not, but it's fun to fantasize.

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CNN.com has an article about Transient Global Amnesia, which my mom experienced close to five years ago.

She had assumed it was just a catch-all term for unexplained, temporary amnesia, but apparently scientists were able to determine that it's a real, but rare neurological condition. Strenuous activity, migrane headaches, and age seem to be the triggers.

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That's good enough for me.

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This weekend, I went to a relative's wedding in Holland (Technically Saugatuck. I think). My sister and her boyfriend drove me there since my place was on the way, and they wanted to see my cat.

Knowing that Riley hides under my bed whenever he senses strangers, I kicked him out of the bedroom and closed the door. Bad idea. Instead of strangers making him paralyzed with fear like my sister's cats, he freaked out, started dashing around at an alarming speed, yowled, actually climbed on things, and clawed at the bedroom door in a desperate attempt to escape.

After giving Riley access to his favorite hiding place again, and leaving extra food, we were off to the wedding.

The ceremony was mercifully short, and the reception was held in a pavillion that was shockingly similar to the visitors center in Jurassic Park. My sister's boyfriend and I kept joking that a t-rex was going to burst into the room at some pint and devour a few guests.

Normally wedding bore me, but this one was fun since my sister's boyfriend is a fellow troublemaker. This was greatly enhanced by my sister being the sort of person who likes to follow the rules. Getting a reaction out of her doesn't take much effort. All we had to do was turn her name card upside down, take the coffee cups apart, or point my grandmother at something and turn her loose. (She's 87 and has realized she can say or do whatever she wants because she's old.)

My parents gave me a ride home, which my mother insisted on for two reasons. She wanted to see my new TV and expected that my grandmother would bother me instead of her. The second part of her plan backfired, naturally.

My cat's reaction to seeing my parents was a little better than his previous meeting with strangers. He hid under the bed, let out some sad pathetic cries, and was skittish for a couple hours after my parents left. I had bribe him with a few pieces of food before he trusted me again.

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Every once in a while, I come home to find an interesting animal at my door.

This time, it was a big Luna moth.
Picutre behind a cut since some people don't like insects. )

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After an epic battle to get my cat into his carrier (he learned to go after my throat), dropping him off at the kitty hotel, and a six-hour drive (my car's lifetime gas mileage is now 37.4 miles per gallon) I'm finally in my room at Anthrocon.

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Today, I had to fill my car's gas tank for the second time since i got it, and I discovered that the gas station I normally use closed.

I'm amused and saddened by that. It was a convenient place to get gas, and I thought it got a decent number of customers.

I don't even know when the place closed.

The amusing part is that I'd didn't notice until now because my car only needs gas about once a month. I ♥ my hybrid car.

A rare find

Apr. 1st, 2009 09:11 am
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Today, in the parking structure for work, I saw a vanity plate that was actually clever- a VW Rabbit with a plate that read " HAZNFFR".

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Someone dumped two packets of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans into the jelly bean jar at work, and I was the first person accused of the deed.

I didn't add a single bean to that jar.

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I've been doing the whole cutting diet thing for a few weeks now (Down ~5% BF), and my coworkers have started bringing all kinds of treats- cookies, cake, lunch from unhealthful places, and now a big jar of jelly beans.

Where were they when I could eat more like a normal person?


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