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My workout on Sunday went great. The details are kind of boring unless you want to hear about my legs responding really well or the nice views I had while waiting to use some of the machines.

On Saturday, I helped my sister hook up her new TV. It's a good thing I've been working out since that thing was large and heavy. I also got a new coat since I was tired of struggling to make my old coat's zipper work.

More details if you're interested. )
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Today made up for not being able to go to MFF, even if I do still miss the people who went.

I saw my sister's new cat and got a few pictures; unfortunately, I only have two right now because Livejournal went a bit screwy when I tried to upload more. Here's a link to the gallery with the pictures.

My sister hasn't picked a name yet. The front-runners are: Minerva, McGonagle, and Emerald.

It's cute, very affectionate, curious, a bit weird, and basically chose my sister. It follows my sister around, purrs at the slightest bit of attention, and likes having its belly rubbed (most cats don't like that). Playing doesn't seem to be its thing, but that may be because it was spayed three days ago and still has the stitches.

The IM conversation we had when she told me about the cat was amusing, and I wish I could share it.
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My sister got a cat today, which is kind of surprising since she had previously said that she was going to wait a bit before getting one so she could give it the time it deserves when it's young. It's female, spayed, and about nine weeks old. I'll learn more about it, and maybe even get some pictures, when I visit later today.


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