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I got back from a trip to Florida yesterday. It was my first vacation, other than Anthrocon, in a few years, and I apparently needed it quite badly.

My aunt now has a nice new computer so she can Skype my mom, or could if my mom's computer hadn't died right before I left.

While I was there, I made sure to cook her a nice meal. We had lemon garlic chicken, grilled asparagus marinated in some of the excess lemon garlic marinade from the chicken, roasted red pepper hummus, and a lemon souffle. All of them were quite tasty. Well, I assume it was. My sense of smell shut down while cooking. It was either because I was around the strong smell of what I was making or because I was allergic to her cats. Either way, my aunt told my mother how good my cooking is, and now my mom is asking why I don't cook like that for her.

I finally got to see her two cats- Smoke, a 17-pound monster of a cat, and Munch, who is quite small. They liked me right away (I've been told not to tell my grandfather that since he'll feel hurt that they didn't like him much), and were confused after I left.

We found a great sushi restaurant that served homemade ginger ice cream with banana won tons for dessert.

I also brought along my copies of i.s.o. volumes 1 and 2 since she had indicated that she could be trusted, and that it was the sort of story she would enjoy. She loved it, even if it did take her longer to read than it normally would because she read every page twice to appreciate both the art and the story.

I also had the best reaction to coming out to somebody that anyone could hope for- pretty much no reaction beyond acknowledging what I said.

Coming back home was somewhat tough since it meant returning to work after six days of not having to think. Plus the weather reports lied- the temperature in Lansing got nowhere near 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) yesterday. On the positive side, I found out that the smell of other cats isn't what freaks my cat out when I take him to the vet- it's being out of his territory and separated from me that does it.


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