Mar. 21st, 2012

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Mar. 21st, 2012 06:55 pm
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Future competition plans
Right now, I'm planning on doing one in mid-July this year. The only downside is that doing so will screw up my ability to go to Anthrocon since travel makes it much harder to maintain the cutting diet I'll need to be on.

I'm also considering doing one later in the year, when the guy who will help me prep for my competition may be doing one of his own.

Long hair
It works for me. A long time ago I tried really short hair and didn't like it. It sticks up in funny ways and places, and it made a big, ugly mole on my scalp much too visible. And I don't care too much about how long other peoples' hair is as long as it's clean and the owner likes it.

It's funny. I make my own meals nearly every day, yet I don't consider it cooking. It's mostly boring, healthy stuff. It's usually when I can cook for others that I go all out. And I'll be able to do so when I visit my aunt in Florida at the end of next month.

My mom was a home economics teacher for a while, and my sister and I were used as guinea pigs, so I can do well with baking (except frosting things). Meat dishes give me some trouble, especially fish since I almost never had it as a kid, so I have no feel for preparing it. Vegetables give me a lot of trouble, and I usually go for anything that can be eaten raw as a result.

The last new thing I tried making was some roasted garlic hummus. It turned out reasonably well, even if the tiny pinch of cayenne pepper I added was stronger than I had anticipated. Unfortunately, I dropped the lid to the food processor while washing it, and put a big crack in it.

I love my little cat. And I got a glimpse of what it was like to not have him around. A bit over a year ago, his annual checkup revealed that he was exposed to heartworms, for which there is no effective treatment for cats. Thankfully, the heartworm prevention medication worked, and killed the parasite before it could do anything.

This year, I had his teeth cleaned, which meant putting him under and keeping him at the vet for observation for the rest of the day. It was really weird being home for the day without him around.

Favorite Transformer (I... don't know if I ever asked!)
This is like asking a parent which of their kids is their favorite. There are so many of them to choose from- Wheeljack, Soundwave, Perceptor, Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Beast Wars Megatron, Waspinator.

Assuming we're ignoring Beast Machines, I'd say Optimus Primal.

Years ago, I tried learning, and found that it wasn't my thing. I'm not a very visual person, and I don't learn things very well unless I have a goal to achieve. Plus, it didn't help that work and the gym take up a lot of time.

I do enjoy seeing the process of drawing, though. It's fascinating to see different peoples' methods and the things that go into making a final piece.

Favorite PRANK you've pulled (you've mentioned several ;-p)
Now this one is definitely like asking which of their kids is their favorite. I can't even remember all of the pranks I've pulled.

Don't know if this one qualifies, but I once had my sister conditioned to say, "I hate Jar-Jar!" whenever someone mentioned Star Wars.

Some of the ones I loved planning didn't go quite as planned, like my uncle realizing that I was the one who sent him birthday m&m's in colors he won't eat.

I'm actually working on a really fun one right now, but the timing is tricky. There are six guys in my office with the same first name, including me, and all of our cubes have clear plastic plaques that hold paper with our names. My plan is to go into the office after hours or on a weekend and change all of the name plaques so they all have the same first name- mine. The hard part is printing everything, and making the switch when nobody is around.


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