Aug. 19th, 2010

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Honestly, there isn't a lot going on in my life at the moment. Work has been really busy, I've been doing a lot of extra hours (usually on the weekend), and will probably have to keep doing that so we can meet a tighter-than-usual deadline.

I'm also trying to prepare for a bodybuilding competition on September 25th. My cutting diet started a couple weeks ago, and I seem to be doing reasonably well with the mandatory poses. I'll try to get some progress pictures, but it's difficult since I'm a terrible photographer. (Although, my laptop does have a webcam.) Plus, I'm still pale and don't feel lean enough yet.

The hard part has been putting together a routine for the evening show. Posing, showing off, and being the center of attention are the exact opposite of what I'm used to since I'm an extreme introvert, and will need major help with putting everything together. Just picking out my music took a few weeks of wondering what represents me best, or if there even is a me. (Even that wasn't an original thought, it was just a bastardized Peter Sellers quote.)

That leads into the other thing I've noticed lately. Between the gym and burying myself in work, my social life is so dead that I've forgotten what my interests are, and will have to relearn how to be social. It's a really weird, disconnected feeling that I've been trying to avoid acknowledging or dealing with.

One last thing, I found out why I've been having trouble chatting with people online. The wireless router I got a good deal on when I bough my new laptop turned out to be a piece of junk. For reasons I have yet to determine, the router would work fine for a while, only to stop responding until I power cycled it. Naturally, that had some negative consequences, as the surge of interrupting and restoring power so frequently looks like it burned out the ethernet port on my laptop.


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